Hard Not to Compare

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Good, better, best

What’s your favorite ____?

We are a comparative lot, we humans. I’m working on the national curriculum now and though we don’t introduce first graders to those options just yet, I know it will be staring us in the face when we get to somewhere around the fourth grade. As a traveler, I’m often asked the “what was the best” question … or favorite … or asked to say if one locale is better than another.

I usually avoid answering. Continue reading Hard Not to Compare

Thinking about thinking … and talking … and more thinking

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For most of my life, I’ve been about the “doing” of things. Extroverted and perpetually purposeful, I cajole, convince, and counter as much as I communicate. But living (not just visiting) a different culture with a beautifully crafted yet complex (at least for me) language has prompted some changes on my part.

I don’t talk.  Continue reading Thinking about thinking … and talking … and more thinking

Just a simple (15 km) Sunday stroll …

IMG_6570When it’s not raining in a rainforest you take advantage of the opportunity to not feel like a saturated sponge. I walked 15km in celebration and I did so (with permission) on the guarded campus of EARTH University. Still haven’t seen the monkeys I can hear but the flora is breathtaking. I am still in awe of Continue reading Just a simple (15 km) Sunday stroll …

My first visitor — ROGER!

IMG_6552While some folks from the U.S. were eating hot dogs and others were winning a World Cup, two American friends were doing a 4-day catch up that included a tour of EARTH University (one supplier of Whole Foods organic bananas), 7+ buses, two boats, a canoe, a Panamanian waterfall, a chocolate demo, several close calls in slippery sludge, meeting new friends, a beach (or two), eating with new friends, a tour of San Jose, mucho Spanish with new friends, and Continue reading My first visitor — ROGER!