Karen Campbell, Covergirl

Is Karen Campbell a Houston woman? Not just yes, apparently, but he-yalll yes.

Karen Campbell Houston Woman

The March/April 2015 issue of Houston Woman Magazine features Karen as its cover (girl) story. While Karen is ostensibly smiling in her cover shot, framily members and other loved ones can probably tell she’s also talking. Since this photo was taken while Karen was hiking part of the Camino, she may have been swearing.  Continue reading Karen Campbell, Covergirl

On being a FoKCer

Welcome to FoKCers, the online hub for Friends of Karen Campbell. While KC is on her initial 2-year tour of Costa Rica with the Peace Corps, www.FoKCers.com is our virtual assistant.

Karen can post photos, write blogs, tell stories, share videos, etc., and so can we.

If you think you may be a FoKCer but haven’t yet been invited to the site, please contact us.

Coming soon: calendars, photos, designs, lots of great stuff.