Connections in spite of language (dis)abilities!

11227052_10153432523252275_8692115190681572510_nAfter several minutes of watching her intently completing paperwork for my fingerprinting and further becoming established in Costa Rica, I simply said (in Spanish), “That color is good on you.” That’s all it took. Soon I knew how long she had been married, how she REALLY feels about her husband she calls “Diablo”, that she has 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren (I’ve seen pics, including one grandson’s potty training) and that if I ever need a ride somewhere she has a car and I now have her number! I may not be proficient in the language yet but today’s lesson was to not let my poor verb conjugation stand in the way of making a connection!‪#‎PeaceCorps‬‪#‎CostaRica‬ ‪#‎Tico29‬

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Started in Tennessee, spent time in Alabama and made way to Costa Rica after 20 years in Texas. I've focused on communications professionally in the worlds of church, government and nonprofits. Now I'm feeding my longtime love of volunteering as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. Just in case you don't know me very well ... The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

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