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phoThe rain couldn’t douse my enthusiasm this morning but it did make for a perfect day to enjoy a bowl of Pho in downtown Houston when I learned that orientation REALLY didn’t get underway until around 2 p.m. So I’m relishing the good feelings of having spent last night with friends who made it through the downpour to enjoy one more “going away” get-together.  And I’m also taking the time to chronicle a few of the feelings that have already made me ponder.

(Unlike Cher, I’m not going to make a habit of saying so long, but I just couldn’t be in Houston and not hug a few more necks! Plus last night’s gathering allowed for some introductions of folks who need to know each other and for introducing this blog to anyone who might want to be updated on my comings and goings.)

orientation signListening to the cars rushing by on rain-soaked I45 in my hotel room, I’ve experienced a flood of feelings.  After seeing so many smiles last night, dealing with my will and financial matters this morning, and having just engaged for only a few minutes in the registration line with some of the 40+ folks who will be oriented alongside of me, I’ve been hit with a reality check. What I’ve suspected in theory — I’m going to be an older volunteer — glared at me as I have thus far seen evidence that I’ll be the oldest person in the room including the trainers. I don’t have a problem with that, truly. But I’ve taken on this kind of silent, watching persona. I’m not doing the usual “dive-right-in-and-find-out-who-is-who” that I might engage in at another workshop. I have a sense that all of what I will need will come in time. And I’m going to just watch how social dynamics play out.

So as I stop this meandering post to make my way to the meeting room, I’ll say again:

— I’m nervous that my Spanish isn’t good enough.

— I’m only slightly concerned that some might judge this book by its cover and I’m so much more of an exciting read that these “business casual” clothes suggest.

— And I’m excited about what waits for me in that room.

More to come …

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