I PROMISE we work hard …

But Costa Rica gives us plenty of ways to play as well …

Eliza and Me at Herradura
Eliza is more than my host for training. She has become my friend.

Jaco April 2015 (2)
Jaco is a couple of hours from where I live. Eliza and her son took several of us to enjoy the beach WITHOUT the hassle of the bus!
Jaco April 2015
Eliza took this from her spot in the shade. She didn’t get in the water that day. She solely was there to ensure we had a good time. A stop at a soda for a typical Costa Rican fare, another stop at Pops for ice cream and a second beach ensured that indeed we had a great time!
Me at Jaco 2015
My freckles are getting freckles in this country but the smile is genuine. I’m loving it!


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