I say, “No se” a lot …

IMG_6164“No se.” That’s probably the most frequent phrase I use here in Costa Rica.”I don’t know.” For instance, I don’t know:
– how to convey the incredible gratitude I feel for landing in a place with people who often remind me of those I love back in the U.S. The smiles are big and the hearts are bigger.
– what I’m supposed to be doing when it comes to much of day to day life. The experience in the school and working alongside others on projects — those things are no problem. But today I spent the better part of an hour not sure why I was riding in a taxi along a bumpy rocky road, getting out of said taxi at a farm, finding out the farm is also a dental clinic, and waiting for what I discovered was my host’s dental appointment to be over.
– how soccer actually works. I get what a goal is and the whole “don’t touch the ball with your hands thing” but what exactly is a good defense? a good offense? I really need to get a handle on these things!

What I do know:
– “Gracias” is an important phrase to use over and over again.
– A swing is to be swung. As soon as I got to the farm/dental clinic and realized we were there for more than listening to birds (which we did) and look at the tilapia ponds (which we also did) I found the swing and figured that since I at least knew how it worked, I’d enjoy.
– Nothing beats the sound of friends/family listening to a game on the TV while I am lulled into a sense of safety and protection as rain pours on our hot tin roof.
– I live a full life and want to always be fully aware of how incredible each moment truly is.

You can go to Argentina, Liberia, any number of California cities, and lots of other locales all without leaving Costa Rica. Still getting used to saying, “The party is in Los Angeles!”
Love the colors in this country!
Gotta love a good swing! It’s cheap air conditioning!
Tilapia — hoping that means it’s cheap and available here.
My new host and friend Lillie wanted to make sure we got the moment of my swinging on camera. So she told our guide to the fish ponds how to use her phone/camera!
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Lilly and her two sons Estevan and Melroy have opened up their home to me and I’m once again grateful. Looking forward to learning more about them and their community.

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