More on San Miguel and other tidbits

For those who are curious about a “typical day” thus far, I got permission from fellow trainee Lauren Hayden to share the link to her blog: She nailed it so I see no reason to repeat what she has said so succinctly.

Darrell Potter, a fellow novice I’m sharing Spanish classes with and who also lives in my community, has a great eye so if you want more photos, check out his blog:,

Here are few photos from my perspective:

cilantroI’m so grateful that my host likes to cook with chilis and cilantro. Not all the Costa Rican cooking I’ve been exposed to thus far includes the level of spice she enjoys. We still aren’t talking “caliente” but it’s certainly tasty!

houses in community A walk through my section of San Jose is a study in colors:

  • amarillo (yellflowers - birds of paradiseow)
  • naranja (orange)
  • azul (blue)
  • morado (purple)






flowers - orange







Flowers - blue





Flowers - purple







and of course … rainbow

But the greatest beauty I’ve had the chance to behold is the open hearts of the family that has taken me into their home:

Javier, Eliza, and Pablo Sanchez in CR

Gracias! Javier, Eliza, Pablo and Jose (even if he isn’t in the picture!).


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