My first visitor — ROGER!

IMG_6552While some folks from the U.S. were eating hot dogs and others were winning a World Cup, two American friends were doing a 4-day catch up that included a tour of EARTH University (one supplier of Whole Foods organic bananas), 7+ buses, two boats, a canoe, a Panamanian waterfall, a chocolate demo, several close calls in slippery sludge, meeting new friends, a beach (or two), eating with new friends, a tour of San Jose, mucho Spanish with new friends, and contributing to the Costa Rican economy. So grateful to Robin, Matt, Cyndi and Brittany for loading Roger’s bags with goodies I could share with all the new friends he now calls his own. And overflowing with thanks that Roger Bumgardner found his way into my life two decades ago and –with trips like this one — secures his permanent residence in my heart!

IMG_6410IMG_6411IMG_6424IMG_6450 IMG_6537 IMG_6539 IMG_6541 IMG_6542 IMG_6544 IMG_6545 IMG_6550  IMG_6553 IMG_6481 IMG_6557 IMG_6556Eliza and Roger


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Started in Tennessee, spent time in Alabama and made way to Costa Rica after 20 years in Texas. I've focused on communications professionally in the worlds of church, government and nonprofits. Now I'm feeding my longtime love of volunteering as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. Just in case you don't know me very well ... The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

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