Photos missed but moments captured …

After chatting with mom via Viber (for only 50 cents for the entire 30 min), I beat the rain this morning and got in a 5K walk before the rainforest that surrounds me lived up to its name. Trying to get out the door in a hurry meant I forgot my camera and therefore missed the opportunity to capture:
— the small truck with the very large bull in the back that was parked on main street in Pocora
— what would have no doubt been a stunningly beautiful (perhaps even award–winning) photo of two horses in the morning light surrounded by the shell of a moss-covered concrete building as they silently stared at the passing “gringa”
— a young mother calling out “venga” (“come”) to the …. chicken who (I’m not kidding) was crossing the road (so now I know why)
— the entire kitchen crew of the corner “iglesia” (church) who showed up early on Sunday morning to set up outdoor fire pits and what could pass for cauldrons of frijoles and arroz that no doubt will eagerly be consumed by the congregants later today.

A perfect place  on a raniny Sunday to listen to NPR, write, and tackle language studies for the week
A perfect place on a raniny Sunday to listen to NPR, write, and tackle language studies for the week

As soon as I entered my house where Lilly and Esteban were chatting in the kitchen, the rain began, making this the perfect Sunday. Because I’m safe (I’d say warm too but that’s perpetual in Pocora), surrounded by friends, reminded of family, and ready to continue the healthy pursuit of caring for mind, body and soul.

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