Signs you might be living in a rainforest ….

  • IMG_6816Your shoes are green – from mold
  • Your clothes have unidentifiable stains that you learn are from … mold
  • You notice a lizard on your wall while chatting with someone in the states and don’t even think it’s worth mentioning
  • Your room (shared with two others from the same region) was fumigated by hotel staff after you unpack clothes (see above and aforementioned … mold)
  • You are on your fourth umbrella in three months
  • You hear about a volunteer who was told she had lung cancer and later learned it was … mold
  • Make up? What make up?
  • You celebrate coming to San Jose – solely because your clothes are dry for a few minutes
  • You are in site for three months and have already planned a bonfire for when your service date is over and you can burn your clothes (And, no, they wouldn’t be good to share with those “less fortunate”)
  • You have no intention of packing clothes for when you visit the states but you are going to buy a Tote
  • While you might forget your cell phone or even your computer when walking to school, you will not forget your sweat rag and fan
  • Have I mentioned mold?

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Started in Tennessee, spent time in Alabama and made way to Costa Rica after 20 years in Texas. I've focused on communications professionally in the worlds of church, government and nonprofits. Now I'm feeding my longtime love of volunteering as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. Just in case you don't know me very well ... The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

6 thoughts on “Signs you might be living in a rainforest ….”

  1. Um, YIKES! Can I send you anything you make you more comfortable?
    Hey, I tried to get in touch with you, are you still on Viber?

    xox, Jess

    1. It’s all good, Jessica! But thanks for asking. I’ve been with my fellow volunteers for a week, and we have plans for you in January. I think you will love what we have in store!

    2. Larry Jay, Just a bit of a reality check. In the few days most folks will visit you will find it all exotic. Mold takes a while to start growing! 😉

      ‘Course, I’m hoping you get so enamored with the chocolate that you decide to stay a while!

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