More on San Miguel and other tidbits

For those who are curious about a “typical day” thus far, I got permission from fellow trainee Lauren Hayden to share the link to her blog: She nailed it so I see no reason to repeat what she has said so succinctly.

Darrell Potter, a fellow novice I’m sharing Spanish classes with and who also lives in my community, has a great eye so if you want more photos, check out his blog:,

Here are few photos from my perspective: Continue reading More on San Miguel and other tidbits

Just another Saturday in the life of Karen Campbell …

Eliza in mercadoToday’s walking tour of downtown San Jose was made even more interesting by that fact that I experienced the whole of it — beautiful stained glass in cathedrals, multinationals in parks, parrots calling out from trees, exquisite and fastidiously maintained architecture, illegal vendors calling out for anyone/everyone to buy pirated DVDs and everything from “leather” goods to kid’s toys, drug addicts stumbling in the streets, Peruvian musicians, and families enjoying the beautiful day — while carrying five dead chickens. Continue reading Just another Saturday in the life of Karen Campbell …

Add love … stir often

olla de carne pot 1Today I was introduced to the arduous task of preparing olla de carne (pot of meat). My host — Elizabeth Sanchez — started early this morning. Had I known the roosters weren’t the only ones up at that hour, I would have joined her to help much sooner than I did.  By olla de carne - pot 2the time I came out of my room a bit after 7 a.m., she already had the fire going, the “carne” in the “olla,” and was preparing to head to the bakery and vegetable stands she preferred in the nearby community. Continue reading Add love … stir often