My Peace Corps Inspirations!

imageRoger and Brittany, both former Peace Corps volunteers, stopped by for a post-orientation dinner along with Richard and Robin (who made this website possible). We talked world peace and friendship (mission of PC) and organizational goals of meeting needs, promoting positive image of US to host country and of host country to US. We also told silly jokes, solved numerous earth-shattering Continue reading My Peace Corps Inspirations!

Growing Pains

You know the cars that only require the key to be in the vehicle so that you can push the button and go? My mother has one. My mother also has a big purse where that key usually resides. That’s the purse she had with her as my sister and I let her out at her doctor’s appointment. Any guesses as to what I might have said when I realized my screw up AFTER turning the car off several miles away? … And in case you ever need to know … Jackson, TN is not exactly the taxi hub of the state. Which is why rather than going to see my uncle in the hospital this afternoon, first my aunt had to bring my mother’s keys to me. … Less than a week at home and I’m 17 again!