First Official Diary Entry

Elena, my language teacher, has distributed a folder which we now know we will be filling with periodic diary entries … in Spanish … throughout our language learning experience (at least the formal one, as I’m sure, there will be much to learn even after these three months conclude).

Here’s what I wrote in English before beginning the not-so-plenty task of translating both words and concepts into a new language/culture: Continue reading First Official Diary Entry

New friends…

Tico29Meet Tico29 — the identifying name that Peace Corps uses with each of its groups. In this one shot you see world travelers (well over 20), language learners, pursuers of social justice, friends and mentors to special needs individuals, people of faith, believers in the mystery, teachers, accountants, advocates, quirky individualists, seekers of inner peace, lovers, fighters, Peace Corps volunteers in training and so much more. We stand 41 strong. We are here for community development and teaching English by way of a task assignment but most of all to be the best representatives of world peace and friendship that we can be. We’re off to a good start!

Getting Oriented …

phoThe rain couldn’t douse my enthusiasm this morning but it did make for a perfect day to enjoy a bowl of Pho in downtown Houston when I learned that orientation REALLY didn’t get underway until around 2 p.m. So I’m relishing the good feelings of having spent last night with friends who made it through the downpour to enjoy one more “going away” get-together.  And I’m also taking the time to chronicle a few of the feelings that have already made me ponder. Continue reading Getting Oriented …

Getting a Head Start on Flexibility

Winter WonderlandMe in the Winter WonderlandSunny Winter WonderlandWalked to the library today to get wifi on Day 3 of our personal introduction to Frozen: The Reality Series. Had to laugh when I opened the email with my note of introduction to my

Peace Corps mentor advised me that due to rural conditions in Costa Rica, I shouldn’t expect immediate responses, that she might have to walk some distance to get access to email.

I wonder if her walk is this beautiful?

What I Told the Peace Corps — Aspiration Statement

IMG_2646In October 2014, after 8 months from application to acceptance into the Peace Corps, I was asked to complete an Aspiration Statement. In many ways, I’m still on the Camino walk I took in the spring as a means of helping to determine if I were up for a new adventure. I’m following what seemed to work then, simply putting one foot in front of the other and anticipating what’s around the next bend…

A: Three professional attributes that you plan to use during your Peace Corps service … Continue reading What I Told the Peace Corps — Aspiration Statement