Volcan Irazu — Volcano #2 since I arrived

A holiday from classes meant a trip to nearby Volcan Irazu. We have had 3 earthquakes and a volcanic eruption since I arrived but this trip seemed like a safe bet as this volcano has been dormant for quite a while. And it paid off with great views, a drive by a community that celebrates its name — The Heart of Jesus (see statue) — and mini stories unfolding all around us.

I posted several photos (click link to see all) on the return trip to San Jose. I wound up sitting by a German woman who I met inside the crater. She’s here for her Master’s thesis on the smell of papayas…. Yes, what you just read is true.

The dark grey in the background is ash and rock from the volcano.

The people along the barrier separating us from the edge of the crater made perfect little shadows against a typical Costa Rican cloudy sky.
Life wins … even in the midst of destruction … new life emerges. (And I’m talking about actual plant life and not stealing a metaphor for me, I promise!)
Wish photos could adequately capture how breathtakingly beautiful while simultaneously haunting the scenery truly is.
Just a cloud … I promise we had no eruptions that day …. Notice I said, “that day.”


Someone left the card there and I had to capture the moment. Wish I knew the significance of the 6 of spades.


That would be me … with a volcanic crater in the background.


Close up view of the rock and ash.






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